Off he goes this young man of ours. Full grown. Big. Ready. He’s worked and worried, struggled and stretched. A Mr. one day. A playful youngin the next. He’s been helped, hindered, loved, and mocked. Still he brings his best gifts forward with courage and kick. He holds stubbornly to what he knows and yet … Continue reading Michael


She looks at me with one eye that peeks behind a veil of unkempt hair. I wonder about her story and why a child would greet me with the posturing and noises of a cat. She’s tiny, untidy, and has a wildness about her that pricks a spot deep down in both heart and gut. … Continue reading Her

A Morning Meal

Cups of coffee get poured and drank around a table of 6 in a local diner known for cooking great breakfasts. Mostly old guys with hats on gray hair, a young guy with his own hat and own hair still there, and a father bridging the gap between the other two generations. Smart phones are … Continue reading A Morning Meal