I’ve been reading a lot about gratitude lately.  Whether it is from a post from Ann Voskamp’s blog, A Holy Experience or a colleague who sends me an idea for my students to write about what they are thankful for, or reading from scripture that reminds me to “give thanks always”.  Gratitude  helps us count … Continue reading Gratitude

A Word Part II

She tells me the next day that the boy didn’t know what that word meant.  He, she felt, was sincerely sorry.  Loving friends and other students alerted caring teachers of the hurt being dished out before our “daughter” even had to bring up her pain in broken words and downcast eyes.  She didn’t want to go … Continue reading A Word Part II

A Birthday Letter…..

Dear me… May your year be richer not because of stuff or dollars but because you gain in understanding, patience, kindness and love from and for those whom you encounter. May you seek peace and continue to build bridges. May you obey His calling, His prompting, and His leading in your life. May you find … Continue reading A Birthday Letter…..

A Word

She comes down the stairs and I hear her slippers shuffling across the wood floor in the hall and kitchen.  I am writing at the table in the dining room.  I’m writing about being an adoptee.  It is heart-hard writing so I appreciate her interruption.  She looks tired, our beautiful “daughter” from Hong Kong.  She looks … Continue reading A Word

A First Year

My first year on this beautiful planet is almost all but erased.  There are a handful of pictures and a few memories told second hand from my adoptive mom.  “You were with an elderly couple”, she tells me.  “Mom, who brought me to them?” I ask.  “I don’t know.” She tells me.  “Well, that is … Continue reading A First Year

A Reminder

On this second Sunday of Advent, He stands up front in the sanctuary of a church that opened it’s doors over 100 years ago.  He reminds those of us sitting there in the sanctuary of what Christmas is all about and at the same time reminds us of what it is not. The United States will spend billions … Continue reading A Reminder

It’s Morning

It is 2:39 in the morning on the day after spit landed solidly on my favorite J.Crew sweater.  Spit that also found it’s target in the middle of my face finding it’s way into my mouth.  Wet bodily fluids that I feel on my cheeks and chin.  I cringe. I cringe a lot.  I try not to … Continue reading It’s Morning