Traveling-Day 4

  I have to write fast today.  My time is limited.  We stopped at Dad’s Shower and Laundry in Estes Park.  Originally it was just for laundry, but $7 bucks later, the price for an “in-season” untimed hot shower; Steve has forked over the dollars to take a shower and I grabbed the “free” wi-fi … Continue reading Traveling-Day 4

 Traveling-Day 3

Faith over fear.  A sign I noticed while attending the Women’s March in Lansing earlier this spring.  I hope that sign’s message is what a big part of this journey ends up being about. Flexing faith’s muscle more than I flex worry’s mantras.  She’s a sneaky gal that worry.  I’ve seen her show up on … Continue reading  Traveling-Day 3

Traveling-Day 2

It was suggested I use the Men’s bathroom today. Somewhere in Nebraska near the South Platte River; we stopped at the Pump and Pantry gas station. It had a wolf statue or some similar type animal character standing on the building like a guardian over all things petroleum.  Steve pumped gas underneath the watch of … Continue reading Traveling-Day 2

Traveling-Day One

An idea formed earlier this year. I found it while thinking ahead to this day: June 6th seemed to be a great day to start traveling.  I’ve written before about living in what I call; the land of in between. A place we probably all dwell in once in a while. We may find ourselves … Continue reading Traveling-Day One

A Boy

I find him under a table in a public school classroom in a tiny town in rural, Michigan. It’s the end of the day and he is done. Finished. Tapped out. He’s had it. His body is flat on the floor, head in his arms, snot running out of his nose, tears squeezing out of … Continue reading A Boy