Traveling-Day 4

  I have to write fast today.  My time is limited.  We stopped at Dad’s Shower and Laundry in Estes Park.  Originally it was just for laundry, but $7 bucks later, the price for an “in-season” untimed hot shower; Steve has forked over the dollars to take a shower and I grabbed the “free” wi-fi … Continue reading Traveling-Day 4

 Traveling-Day 3

Faith over fear.  A sign I noticed while attending the Women’s March in Lansing earlier this spring.  I hope that sign’s message is what a big part of this journey ends up being about. Flexing faith’s muscle more than I flex worry’s mantras.  She’s a sneaky gal that worry.  I’ve seen her show up on … Continue reading  Traveling-Day 3

Traveling-Day 2

It was suggested I use the Men’s bathroom today. Somewhere in Nebraska near the South Platte River; we stopped at the Pump and Pantry gas station. It had a wolf statue or some similar type animal character standing on the building like a guardian over all things petroleum.  Steve pumped gas underneath the watch of … Continue reading Traveling-Day 2

Traveling-Day One

An idea formed earlier this year. I found it while thinking ahead to this day: June 6th seemed to be a great day to start traveling.  I’ve written before about living in what I call; the land of in between. A place we probably all dwell in once in a while. We may find ourselves … Continue reading Traveling-Day One