A Boy

I find him under a table in a public school classroom in a tiny town in rural, Michigan. It’s the end of the day and he is done. Finished. Tapped out. He’s had it. His body is flat on the floor, head in his arms, snot running out of his nose, tears squeezing out of … Continue reading A Boy

Tess and I

    Today I found my words again.  Today was a breakthrough.  Today that familiar feeling came rumbling on in like distant thunder promising rain to thirsty soil.  I almost ran from that urge to write.  I knew what would come when my written words came pouring back out.  There would be pain mixed in with a … Continue reading Tess and I

I Love You

He is cuddly today.  This 1st grade student of mine.  He wants hugs and touches and warmth and kindness.  He stands close and moves even closer.  I’ve just entered his classroom and this is his greeting.  This is his request.  I know, not because he tells me with words, because he can’t.  His voice often … Continue reading I Love You