It is January.  January 21st, 2017.  I lost my best friend 1 year, 3 months, and 12 days ago.  I now call that day and the time leading up to that day, a wake up call.  A time period that taught me many things, but most of all it taught me this:  Life is short and … Continue reading #WhyIMarch


I circled the word Change on my bulletin today.  I put it there.  I was writing words as fast as I could to keep up with the spoken words flying from the pulpit.  It was not because Pastor Don was talking fast, because he wasn’t.  He was purposeful and almost slow in his speech.  You could hear … Continue reading Change


I’ve been reading a lot about gratitude lately.  Whether it is from a post from Ann Voskamp’s blog, A Holy Experience or a colleague who sends me an idea for my students to write about what they are thankful for, or reading from scripture that reminds me to “give thanks always”.  Gratitude  helps us count … Continue reading Gratitude

A Word

She comes down the stairs and I hear her slippers shuffling across the wood floor in the hall and kitchen.  I am writing at the table in the dining room.  I’m writing about being an adoptee.  It is heart-hard writing so I appreciate her interruption.  She looks tired, our beautiful “daughter” from Hong Kong.  She looks … Continue reading A Word


My fifteen year old daughter Kylee tells me in the middle of Christmas decorating; “I love the way he looks at you.”  I look up from my red ribboned mess of an attempt at bow making and see she is talking to me.  I also see her father looking my way.  She is right; Steve is … Continue reading Thankfulness

Friday Night

Friday night soccer. A speedy red-head. A hat trick earned with a left footed hook to the top of the net. Laughter with friends. A refreshing walk after the game. Happiness exuding from many in community. Teasing. Joking. Talks of a Jumbotron. Difficult week forgotten. 5 bucks earns your spot front and center. Down coats, … Continue reading Friday Night