It is January.  January 21st, 2017.  I lost my best friend 1 year, 3 months, and 12 days ago.  I now call that day and the time leading up to that day, a wake up call.  A time period that taught me many things, but most of all it taught me this:  Life is short and … Continue reading #WhyIMarch

The After

No one tells you that sometimes, it is The After that is so difficult to deal with.  You work through, fight for, and grind out the hard stuff that life dishes out like a warrior in battle.  The adrenaline is close and near and dear and sustains. It fuels the fire; diverts our attention and gives us something to … Continue reading The After

Another Mother

Another mother takes her place in an ever winding, long line of women who step up and do the hard stuff expected and required within the role of motherhood.  Her seven year old son, who is typically kind, a lover of details, caring, and energetic thought two girls in his class should be the receivers … Continue reading Another Mother


I circled the word Change on my bulletin today.  I put it there.  I was writing words as fast as I could to keep up with the spoken words flying from the pulpit.  It was not because Pastor Don was talking fast, because he wasn’t.  He was purposeful and almost slow in his speech.  You could hear … Continue reading Change

A Word Part II

She tells me the next day that the boy didn’t know what that word meant.  He, she felt, was sincerely sorry.  Loving friends and other students alerted caring teachers of the hurt being dished out before our “daughter” even had to bring up her pain in broken words and downcast eyes.  She didn’t want to go … Continue reading A Word Part II

It’s Morning

It is 2:39 in the morning on the day after spit landed solidly on my favorite J.Crew sweater.  Spit that also found it’s target in the middle of my face finding it’s way into my mouth.  Wet bodily fluids that I feel on my cheeks and chin.  I cringe. I cringe a lot.  I try not to … Continue reading It’s Morning


He tells me I am enough and I question His words. He tells me to rest in Him and I worry away. He tells me to find my peace in the One who gives peace that passes all understanding. He leads me beside the still waters and there I find Him. I find Him in the … Continue reading He