A Boy

I find him under a table in a public school classroom in a tiny town in rural, Michigan. It’s the end of the day and he is done. Finished. Tapped out. He’s had it. His body is flat on the floor, head in his arms, snot running out of his nose, tears squeezing out of … Continue reading A Boy


  It is January.  January 21st, 2017.  I lost my best friend 1 year, 3 months, and 12 days ago.  I now call that day and the time leading up to that day, a wake up call.  A time period that taught me many things, but most of all it taught me this:  Life is short and … Continue reading #WhyIMarch

Mother’s Day

I have several “moms” in my life and sometimes that makes Mother’s Day a bit difficult or maybe complicated is a better word or perhaps it is both. However, what I do know is this: I would not be here, as who I am, and Whose I without each of them weaved into my life. … Continue reading Mother’s Day

Tess and I

    Today I found my words again.  Today was a breakthrough.  Today that familiar feeling came rumbling on in like distant thunder promising rain to thirsty soil.  I almost ran from that urge to write.  I knew what would come when my written words came pouring back out.  There would be pain mixed in with a … Continue reading Tess and I

Adoptive Parents

My parents introduced me to Christ, or maybe it is more accurate for me to say, they helped me find Him in churches, in work, in friendships, in family.  I am and will always be forever grateful for the introduction. My dad grew up in a small town in Northern Michigan where everybody knew everybody. … Continue reading Adoptive Parents

The After

No one tells you that sometimes, it is The After that is so difficult to deal with.  You work through, fight for, and grind out the hard stuff that life dishes out like a warrior in battle.  The adrenaline is close and near and dear and sustains. It fuels the fire; diverts our attention and gives us something to … Continue reading The After