A Prequel

  So why take in the moments that matter?  People often ask that question and it is a really good question.  Shoot, I ask that question.   Why not “go for the gusto”, “take the bull by the horns”, “shoot for the moon”, “get on the fast track”, “climb a little higher”, “go a little faster”, … Continue reading A Prequel

Moment # 1

  There are these moments that I write about that make me pause, think, reflect and see the beauty that emerges in daily life.  Moments that are always there when I slow down long enough to notice.  Moments that emerge out of quiet observation and sometimes in the midst of the craziness of life.  I’ve never … Continue reading Moment # 1


Photo by Jenny Wuokko @jmwuokko It is day three of my 6:00 am walks around the lake.  Spring and summer clothes pulled out of storage from a long winter were too small.  Too tight.  They must have shrunk, I tell myself.  Then quickly decide that they really hadn’t.  It is me that grew bigger.  Rounder. … Continue reading Morning


Authenticity. God keeps bringing this word to my mind and living.  Webster describes authenticity as having the qualities of being authentic.  Authentic is, therefore, defined as having a genuine, original, or authority, in opposition to that which is false, fictitious, or counterfeit, being what it purports to be, genuine, not of doubtful origin.   Sounds straight forward … Continue reading Authenticity

Adoption 101

Sometimes I wake up with a really strong urge to write.  Well, first I eat and get caffeine started and then I write.  I woke up today thinking about adoption.  Adoption in general and my own adoption story.  This probably stemmed from talking on the phone with both of my moms yesterday.  I write moms, but in … Continue reading Adoption 101

I Love You

He is cuddly today.  This 1st grade student of mine.  He wants hugs and touches and warmth and kindness.  He stands close and moves even closer.  I’ve just entered his classroom and this is his greeting.  This is his request.  I know, not because he tells me with words, because he can’t.  His voice often … Continue reading I Love You