Mother’s Day

I have several “moms” in my life and sometimes that makes Mother’s Day a bit difficult or maybe complicated is a better word or perhaps it is both. However, what I do know is this: I would not be here, as who I am, and Whose I without each of them weaved into my life. … Continue reading Mother’s Day

Adoptive Parents

My parents introduced me to Christ, or maybe it is more accurate for me to say, they helped me find Him in churches, in work, in friendships, in family.  I am and will always be forever grateful for the introduction. My dad grew up in a small town in Northern Michigan where everybody knew everybody. … Continue reading Adoptive Parents

Meeting Family.

It is August, 1993.  I am 24 years old and I am alone on a plane to California.  I am in the middle of graduate school at Central Michigan University and thankful for the reprieve from studying and the constant wondering that wanders through my head day and night.   What will she look like?  What … Continue reading Meeting Family.

And So It Begins.

Living In the Land of In Between. Today I was asked to talk about the title of this book.  Of a book that is not yet.  I suppose it rests inside inching and itching it’s way out. I have no doubt, one day,  it will sprout wings and grow. Today will be that beginning.  God’s got it.  All … Continue reading And So It Begins.

Adoption 101

Sometimes I wake up with a really strong urge to write.  Well, first I eat and get caffeine started and then I write.  I woke up today thinking about adoption.  Adoption in general and my own adoption story.  This probably stemmed from talking on the phone with both of my moms yesterday.  I write moms, but in … Continue reading Adoption 101