Traveling~Days 12, 13, & 14~Helena, 66 years, and Glacier National Park. 

8 thoughts on “Traveling~Days 12, 13, & 14~Helena, 66 years, and Glacier National Park. ”

  1. So good to hear from you! We had a rainy Saturday, and I was so thankful because nature needed some rain. A fawn wandered into our yard on Sunday morning. I learned a lot about fawns from my FB friends. This little guy or girl made a very sad “meh” noise. My best news today came from the dentist (Dr. Mahar). My gums have been hurting and in fact causing pain into my jaw joint and ear. No infection! Amanda flushed my gum pockets (I didn’t know gums had pockets) with a special Listerine, and I’m starting to have less pain already. Here’s hoping the pain decreases more in the coming days. I helped get breakfast and cleaned up for hometown mission. I got a hug from Ky too! It’s always nice to see her smiling face. Lastly, I got a cute magnet from you in the mail today. Thank you! I do love the Rockies. I’m heading to a conference tomorrow. Miss you!

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  2. Helena is becoming one of my favorite places to visit! Thank you for the picture of that smiling girl of ours! She was happy to meet you and spend time with all of you! So glad you went to the Cathedral of St. Helena–such a beautiful church! Did you hear the story of the bells that are in the church? What an adventure you are on!

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    1. It is a great town and close to a lot of other great Montana towns. I didn’t hear the story of the bells. What is it? I loved meeting and getting to know Jessica too. It has been a great trip. Am taking the train from White Fish to Portland on Wednesday.


  3. Great to see all the photos of your travels. We are in the middle of replacing carpets and flooring. Very crazy around here this week. Then on Sunday Marianne and the gang will be here for two fun filled weeks. Where have the years gone. Scott made rank of commander. Super proud. Take care. Be safe.


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