Traveling-West Yellowstone to Helena -Day 11

15 thoughts on “Traveling-West Yellowstone to Helena -Day 11”

  1. Beautiful! Not only the scenery, but you too! I received my gift today. Thank you! It will be fun to play with the family! I have bronchitis and spent the afternoon in ER. Not fun! I’d rather be hiking!

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  2. I really want to know what you think of Go Set a Watchman…I read it and had a very specific reaction, then read a really interesting review of it that affected me in quite the opposite way. One of those books that really made me think of issues that I thought I felt about strongly one way, and then challenged that way of thinking.

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    1. I still listening to it and I’m wondering if I need to actually read it versus having it read to me. It’s growing on me, but I don’t think I’m to the heart of it yet. I have to keep rewinding and catching details. Will keep you posted and I want to hear what conclusions you came up with when I am finished “reading”.
      One interesting coincidence is that Lee Harper was mentioned in the Big Magic: book I am reading. That author was stating that we all need to keep creating and that Lee Harper might have stumbled upon even more great work even in the trial and error process of writing. Pointing out that you don’t let the critics dictate your success.


  3. Thanks for keeping in touch. Saw The Mister out for a run the other day. We miss you and pray you’ll be open for all God has for you on your trip!

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  4. Sounds like you’re having an amazing adventure. We were at Yellowstone a few years ago. Heading to Colorado in a few weeks. I love trips like these but not sure I could do them solo. I am so impressed by you. Best wishes for safe and awesome travels.

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  5. Got your gift today. It’s perfect!! Can’t wait until I start reading it tonight . I love to read when all is quiet during the night and early mornings. Hopefully the rain will continue for the perfect sound effects.๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ˜Ž

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  6. Thank you for the gift! Can’t wait to show the boys the map and the national park stamps. You must be on my mind, because I just found something perfect for you the other day. Travel well!

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