Traveling. Tornado Warnings, The Chug-Chug, & Landing-Day 8

12 thoughts on “Traveling. Tornado Warnings, The Chug-Chug, & Landing-Day 8”

  1. Oh my! What an adventure….
    In 1976, as a still-yet-young-married couple, Kevin and I traveled to Philadelphia – and, on the advice of the Chamber of Commerce (sigh, if only for internet back then!) we booked our stay at the Benjamin Franklin Motor Lodge….a lovely name, right? A recent internet search reveals that it may now be The Franklin Hotel at Independence Park in the old city, but back then it was a 7-story brownstone – complete with gang graffiti – and a Kentucky Fried Chicken “kitty-cornered” from the motor lodge. We made our way to our room via the elevator, complete with an elevator operator wearing a dingy white t-shirt covered by a plaid shirt, who pushed the correct floor button while drinking a bottle of beer in a brown paper bag.

    Once we arrived in our room, all of the housekeepers were sitting on our bed eating Kentucky Fried Chicken! We excused ourselves to cross the street for lunch, came back….heard the horror stories of the previous night from friends…and promptly checked out for the Holiday Inn just outside of town.

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  2. Traveling stories~Growing up we went to Myrtle Beach over spring break each year. One year we went out for dinner with a larger group. Family friends and my grandparents were there. We were a large group, and it was a busy night at that restaurant (wish I could remember the name). Anyways, everyone’s food came except mine (I was maybe 7-8 years old) and a tad upset. My order could come if she replaced my order, but everyone would be finished by the time my food came out. The adults decided that wouldn’t do, so I got the “sides” of a couple people in my group. I ate 2 or 3 baked potatoes that night. If you know me, I LOVE baked potatoes! I thought it the best thing ever. My grandmother would have none of that and made me eat some of her fish. Again, if you know me well, I DISLIKE fish greatly. However, we don’t talk back to our elders, so I was forced to eat some fish because I “needed” more that potatoes and protein is important. This was also the night that both my brother and I were allowed to get dessert! This rarely happened and I suspect that it had something to do with being forced to eat fish.

    Another story~traveling back home (maybe from myrtle beach again?) We were stopped in Ohio. I found this very exciting! My dad was only given a “friendly” warning. If he was stopped again a ticket would be issued. I promptly called my grandparents when we got home to let them know.

    In other news, we got your postcard today. Thank you! Sorry to hear of your ⛽ problems. God provides! You may have to go many miles out west between exits and gas stations. Usually there are signs warning about last gas station.

    I enjoy reading about your adventures!

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    1. Great stories Miranda. You still don’t like fish do you? If there were signs, I didn’t see them. I remembered from the last trip out west that you have to fill up. I was distracted by the tornado warnings. : ) God does provide and I am thankful. I loved that post card when I saw it in the store.


  3. Every year my family would drive from Ann Arbor to Colorado to go skiing. Two families, four kids, one mini-van–kids would have the privilege of laying on top of about 8 pallets stacked up with all the gear stashed in the pallet-created shelving, giving us about 15 inches of clearance once we stacked pillows and sleeping bags on top. We laid down the entire 23 hour trip, and the four of us got very close :). Some of my best memories come from those trips–making truckers honk, sharing secreted Jelly Bellys, trading garbage pail kids cards…until we were old enough to drive, and then we would get the 2 am-8 am shift while the adults slept! Its amazing we all made it every year. Enjoy the journey.

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      1. It was our family vacation every year for at least 12 years. We went mostly to Summit County in CO, but went to Vail, Beaver Creek, Vermont one year (too icy!!), and to Utah as well once or twice. We ate bologna sandwiches every day, and our parents drank cheap wine in the jacuzzi at the condo 🙂 Great times. I do still ski, and when we lived in CO for 4 years I had a great friend that would go with me in her beat up Honda, driving through crazy mountain passes in snowstorms…she had no fear, and was so poor that she would sell used books out of her garage and donate plasma to be able to afford the lift tickets!

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  4. Makes me remember our family’s trip out west the summer I got my license. My dad flew out to meet us part way through which meant my mom had to let me drive if we were going to get there without her being totally exhausted. Everytime I took the wheel we hit construction, traffice etc…Probably not too relaxing for my poor mom especially with three more kids in the car. I was rooting for you and the Volt.

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  5. Family vacations were always fun. As a child we would sing continuously. Well, we were on our way home and it was really foggy out. I think my dad was listening to us sing more than pay attention to his driving. Missed the exit by several miles. Oh well more time to sing


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