Traveling, Donuts, and Hats-Day 6

4 thoughts on “Traveling, Donuts, and Hats-Day 6”

  1. It’s hot and humid here. We had a typical Sunday at our house. A nice message about we/us instead of I/me. No donuts, but we did have cake. Marv and Virginia are celebrating 60 years of marriage. They provided cake. Another open house and our typical date to Meijer. We were going to go to the movies, but decided to stay home and enjoy the quietness. Miss you!

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  2. Before home church we were shopping for a new church to call home. We all like this one church near the kid’s school. They were friendly. Played good music. Preached a nice sermon. And served the best donuts. We were all happy to return the following week, if only for the donuts. No matter how many times we introduced ourselves the minister never seemed to remember the name of the family of five who kept showing up each week. I no longer remember his either. But I still remember those donuts.

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  3. When I was a kid there was a donut shop on my walk home from school. I always picked up a lemon-filled one on my way home. The donut shop closed years ago, and I can’t find lemon-filled ones anymore, but thoughts of those donuts bring back memories of walking home with my friends and the relationships I still have with many of them. ❤

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