Traveling and Moving- Days 4b and 5

6 thoughts on “Traveling and Moving- Days 4b and 5”

  1. Todd says- Cheri’s Shack.
    Miranda-Krogman Castle.

    Love your videos and the sound of rushing water. So peaceful! Our kids bought hammocks and seem to be enjoying them.

    We saw Kylee today with Kaden at an open house. It was nice to chat with them. I also got a big hug from Ky.

    I got my first book of the summer today at the library. I’m reading “A Man Called Ove” I look forward to the postcard! 🙂

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    1. I downloaded that book. It’s next in the queue! Nice to hear about the Ks. She’s great at handing out hugs. I see lots of hammocks here. They seem handy. Thanks for the name ideas. It was a great hike. Beautiful and rugged.


  2. Name your tent, “Joy” for many reasons! Took my 17 year old to the dr. yesterday and he asked to go to the bookstore when we were done. I explained that Greenville doesn’t have a bookstore anymore, but we were headed to Meijer and said he could look there. He couldn’t find anything so I suggested that we head to the library and he responds, “But I can’t keep those books.” So glad he loves books that much!

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  3. Name your tent BUCK. Mainly because it is a strong name and will keep you safe while you snuggle in your sleeping bag. There, dreaming of tomorrows adventure.


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