Traveling-Day 4

12 thoughts on “Traveling-Day 4”

  1. Best book–so many, but I still have an incredibly strong emotional reaction when I think about reading A Prayer for Owen Meaney by John Irving. I had to read it in AP English over the summer, which I thought was so mean in high school. Its a big book, and I remember thinking that NO ONE would finish it. And then I began to read it. I do not have a great memory for books, but this one was adventure, tears, love, heartbreak, challenges all in one amazing character. Maybe it was the time of my life, and I have not gone back to re-read (I never do), but it still is one of the most visceral memories I have.

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    1. Angela, have you seen the movie “Simon Birch” that was loosley based on the book? I haven’t read the book, but the movie touched me deeply.

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  2. Hardest thing I’ve ever done was leaving my mom in intensive care because I needed to come back to Michigan to my family. My brother and I passed in the air, so dad had support. Roots are important. Don’t take no for an answer! ❤

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  3. My favorite book- The Glass Castle. I made connections to so many students and their families as I read it each time (3times). It makes me understand, be more compassionate, and thoughtful of what others have/don’t have. I am loving your blog!

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  4. My favorite book is Kon-Tiki by Thor Heyerdahl. A group of scientists build a balsa raft . Then spend 101 day journey from South America to Polynesian Islands. They did this that is was a possible way of migration. I guess I liked it because it was like a Huckleberry Finn adventure. I read it in 4th grade. The book was like 400 pages and I had to do a book report on it. My teacher didn’t believe me that I read the whole book. But, I did. I would read for hours everyday. I guess that is why I read nothing but non-fiction adventure today.
    You Cheri are creating your own non-fiction adventure. Continue on and let the adventure never end. Be safe.

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  5. Best book…The Kite Runner. All the best universal truths of life are wrapped up in it. Hardest thing I ever did…handing my #1 son over for heart surgery at 5 days old when everything in me told me to take him and run.

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