Traveling-Day 3

12 thoughts on “ Traveling-Day 3”

  1. I absolutely love this, Cheri! I get the sense that you are inhaling life deeply on this trip. May your journey fill your “lungs” with fresh air and an even greater passion for life!

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  2. You build a better world with JOY. You know what that means…Jesus. Others. Yourself. It takes all three to bring about the kind of change that is needed to construct the kind of world we live in. No matter what obstacles or rocks or sharp objects befall the project, we can alway, not we must always, fall upon our joy. Otherwise we might get a pretty bad boo-boo like hot dog fingers. May your joy be complete.


  3. Love! We need to love more.

    Happenings around the Holmberg home- Jocelyn went on a college tour (GVSU). She loved it. Once she got home, she couldn’t stop talking. Derik had football practice. Todd played golf. I have my last official day today (6/9/17). I am continuing with a training. Yesterdays went well, but my feet were sore. Today, no dress shoes! I don’t have time for sore feet!

    Enjoy Colorado! One of my favorite places to be. Loved the pictures. Thanks for sharing! Hope Steve’s hand feels better soon. Tell him we said “hey” Spread your love around!

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  4. If we could only love each other like God loves us. Think of what a wonderful world we would live in! I so enjoy your story Cheri. I am praying for you to have safe travels, healing , fun, and mysteries revealed.

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