Traveling-Day 2

26 thoughts on “Traveling-Day 2”

  1. Before you leave Nebraska…which will feel like forever…track down Holy Family Church outside Omaha (oh wait, you probably already passed one of the most amazing churches in the US of A).

    Go see CarHenge (like Stonehenge but with cars).

    Also, good use of theology by going into the men’s room

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  2. The only thing you missed out on was the pickled quail eggs. A delicacy I rarely pass up when the opportunity presents itself. Maybe it was the pickled baloney in the general store my Grandparents owned when I was young.

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  3. Two things:
    1. I bet Justin would fry up those chicken paws into somethin’ delish for you on a Fancy Friday 😉 topped off with a quail egg cheesecake!!

    2. I was thinking of you today as I hiked Pickerel Lake today-lost my earbuds so listened to the birds instead; lost my way so wandered (go left! go left! in my head until I realized I would just go in a circle) for A LOT longer than I intended; lost my need to know and was just happy on the journey–figured someone would find me along the way. Hugs to you on your journey!

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      1. Wandered long enough to start wondering if I remembered how to use a compass and who might be able to find me. But never worried, more bemused with myself. Yes, solo mornings this week and then back to full time mom. My peaceful mornings make me appreciate my louder afternoons 😍


  4. When my family took road trips out west we always felt like Nebraska never ended. Corn fields and cow pastures. We joked that the cows needed to hold their tails up higher to give us better cell service. (Maybe you had to be there for that to be funny.) Already loving your posts!! ❤️

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  5. I’m wondering if Nebraska feels like Ohio. When we travel East it always feels the longest even though Pennsylvania is really longer. Our Chinese teachers enjoy chicken paws but they call the chicken feet. Not much meet…lots of gristle. Happy trails on Day #3

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    1. I’ve gone east too and yes I think it is the same feel. Long. Flat. Agricultural interests. If not heard the term chicken paws either. That sent my slp brain spinning too as paws I think of as furry. Happy trails for sure today. We will be hiking!


  6. I left you a comment that was much better than this one. But I want a small surprise so I’ll try one more time.

    Shameful that you drove right past Holy Family Catholic Church (one of the most serene and calming churches in America) and Carhenge (which is like Stonehenge but with cars, duh). Both. Made driving through the endlessness of Nebraska worthwhile.

    Fun fact: Bruce Springsteen’s album entitled “Nebraska” is nothing like the state itself…other than there is a lot of red on the cover.

    Great use of theology and the men’s room.

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  7. I was at the Meijer Gardens last night. It is always a dichotomy to attend because to get a ‘good’ seat one has to stand in the sun with a chair and cooler for about an hour or more but then once settled in I take great pleasure in the outdoor venue, the green all around and then the music that touches the soul.
    Any way, I saw an elderly couple in front of me (older than me !) and I was touched as they touched hands, leaned into one another and he showed great kindness and patience as she struggled in and out of the seat during the concert. Love exists.

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  8. While my mind is open to the use of the men’s restroom, and I’ve done so many times, I think I would draw the line at the chicken feet! I don’t I think there is enough barbecue sauce to cover those little toes to make me forget what they are!

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  9. Kylee waved at me driving down Cass St. earlier this week, smiling and looking joyful. The weather here is warm and sunny . Everyone on the street seems to to have exhaled and relaxed into the feeling of summer freedom; even if it’s only for a few days before the summer routine begins. Be safe and live with joy!

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  10. I had a long day of training teachers. I have a full day of training again tomorrow and then my summer break starts. Nebraska seems like forever! We told our kids (when they were younger) to count the cows. It kept them busy and made me giggle. Enjoy your journey!


  11. Sounds like you are creating an adventure for sure! Thomas, AvaLynn, and I woke up with colds the past two days…..ugh! It’s okay, I’m home where I belong.

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