Mother’s Day

I have several “moms” in my life and sometimes that makes Mother’s Day a bit difficult or maybe complicated is a better word or perhaps it is both. However, what I do know is this: I would not be here, as who I am, and Whose I without each of them weaved into my life. … Continue reading Mother’s Day

A Prequel

  So why take in the moments that matter?  People often ask that question and it is a really good question.  Shoot, I ask that question.   Why not “go for the gusto”, “take the bull by the horns”, “shoot for the moon”, “get on the fast track”, “climb a little higher”, “go a little faster”, … Continue reading A Prequel

Moment # 1

  There are these moments that I write about that make me pause, think, reflect and see the beauty that emerges in daily life.  Moments that are always there when I slow down long enough to notice.  Moments that emerge out of quiet observation and sometimes in the midst of the craziness of life.  I’ve never … Continue reading Moment # 1

Snow Day-Part 2

Jim heads my way and I am thankful.  I see him coming and I whisper a silent thanks to my Heavenly Father for sending goodness my way.  This year’s snow is heavy and I am storing my own heavy from an emotionally  hard fall season and love of almost all things sugary.  Jim  gives me … Continue reading Snow Day-Part 2

Tess and I

    Today I found my words again.  Today was a breakthrough.  Today that familiar feeling came rumbling on in like distant thunder promising rain to thirsty soil.  I almost ran from that urge to write.  I knew what would come when my written words came pouring back out.  There would be pain mixed in with a … Continue reading Tess and I